ByoLogyc, ByoBabes and ByoNuts

I’m still recovering from Nuit Blanche.  After pulling my first all-nighter in a very, very long time, my body has reminded me that I’m no longer twenty-five….. or thirty-five….. or forty-five…. You get the picture – the last two days I’ve been hobbling as if I was eighty-five.  I wish I had lasted for the full twelve hours of performance, but holy smokes batman, who would have thought that this old broad would be acting for ten hours straight to an audience of over 3,000. I love Nuit Blanche.  I love my EXE army. I love ZED.To

Acting the role of Renata has been a wonderful segue back into performing. I’m so accustomed to directing, it’s been a blast being on the other side of the stage.  All those years of working with actors has been groundwork for the type of actor I wish to be.  All those years of teaching has also helped me create the character of Renata as she interacts with audience members.  I think of a class of rambunctious teenagers and know exactly how to address the members of the VIP and EXE.

I am proud to say I now have an official comic strip based on Renata.

I also make an appearance in the subsequent comic based on Brad’s character.  In that one, Renate is standing in the doorway watching the Markham plant being blown up.  Methinks the plot thickens.

This amazing adventure will wrap up on November 2 and 3 at Toronto’s Evergreen Brickworks, where survivors of the pandemic will fight it out.  Audience members have a choice which team they want to join.  I hope you will sign up for Renate’s Power team because, damn it, I want to win.  I really want to win.  Tickets are now on sale at