One fish
Two fish
Red fish
Blue fish.

Redfish Bluefish Creative Cafe is the perfect venue for our site specific play that we will be developing in the next coming months – with a little help from our friends.  The cafe is in the heart of the Annex, only a few blocks away from Fringe Headquarters.  Redfish Bluefish is less than a year old and has already made its mark.  It serves delicious organic coffee and tea, munchies and has a wonderful atmosphere of an oasis for the local community.


The cafe has been selected as a nominee in The Best Of Toronto.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they won?  We need your help.

Take a moment to link to and vote for Redfish Bluefish in the catagory of new cafes.  

While you’re at, take a look at our new website:  It will tell you what is happening with our project and how you can get involved.  Right now we’re looking for volunteers to workshop with us in order to mine material for the script.  We’re looking for Moms of all kinds to play with us and help develop the text.  The workshops will be theatre based with lots of games, exercises and activities.

We’re looking at a series of six Tuesday evening workshops beginning January 7th at the cafe.  You can come to one evening or all six or whatever is convenient for you.  We’re asking people to bring wine and or snacks to share with the other Moms.

It will be a blast.