Gun Clubs, Zombie Hunters, Pandemics, Character Dates and All Those Charming Things

My life is beautiful.

Retirement is an adventure.

Tomorrow, in the middle of the day, a Thursday no less, I will go to a real live shooting range.  I didn’t actually realize this was something on my bucket list until my ZED.TO directors asked me if I was interested in a (live ammo) target practice.  Their method to the madness is that this will be yet another “character date” (our version of rehearsals) for my character Renata to bond with members of the Zombie Squad.  These guys are real live zombie hunters and disaster prep experts and will be Renata’s security detail at Nuit Blanche.  “Yes, yes, YES!” I responded without thinking twice.

HUZZAH!  I get to play with guns and the bad boys.

Nuit Blanche comes this Saturday night (September 29), and ByoLogyc’s Clinic will be handing out free antidotes to the deadly virus that’s now rampant in the streets of Toronto post Toronto Fringe Festival.   Renata has recently been promoted to Chief of the newly formed SCD (Sanitation and Containment Department) and she will be responsible for keeping back the angry occupiers known as the EXE along with the help of the Zombie Squad.   Renata has done her due diligence on some of those protesters, and she knows for a fact they’re a crazy bunch of lefty pinkos!

Ironically, the Clinic will be held at Holy Trinity Church (behind the Eaton Center) so if the antidotes don’t work, hopefully prayers will.  Or maybe, they won’t……

We will find out what happens on November 2nd and 3rd at the “apocalyptic finale” where pandemic survivors, VIP’s and the desperate staff members of ByoLogyc will decide the outcome of the world as we now know it.  ZED.TO has won rave reviews as the most exciting interactive event to ever hit Toronto – but you need to take the plunge and take the free antidote….and become a VIP or an EXE…… and for heaven’s sake, buy tickets for the grand finale – which are now on sale at

P.S. Buy the “Power Tickets” and join Renata’s army.  We will take control!



Byologyc News Alert

ByoLogyc Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
Toronto, Canada
1 (866) BYO-6090 |
@ByoLogyc |

September 19, 2012 – Toronto, ON — ByoLogyc, in conjunction with
Health Canada, has completed studies which have revealed
conditions suggestive of a viral outbreak in the Greater Toronto Area.
Initial reports, though still early, have indicated a connection between
the root cause of the viral outbreak and ByoRenew. Despite recent
complications with the HPFB, Health Canada will continue to work
with ByoLogyc to aid and assist customer and civilian alike.
Early analysis of collected samples indicates the discovery a new
virus, known as BRX. External and internal reviews of ByoLogyc’s
systems indicate BRX to be a variant of the transfer virus distributed
in ByoRenew pills. These reviews further indicate that BRX was
produced as a result of a network-based attack on ByoLogyc’s
production infrastructure in late June by an online terrorist
organization, suggesting that this organization may have maliciously
generated and sought to spread this virus using ByoRenew as a
At this time, ByoLogyc is pursuing legal action against the online
terrorist organization, known as EXE, for online invasion and violation
of the intellectual property rights of ByoLogyc. We are currently
working with both the Toronto Police force as well as the RCMP in the
pursuit of justice.
In case of city wide medical emergency, ByoLogyc is prepared and
committed to helping the Toronto City Council in both containment
and sanitation. To this end, ByoLogyc’s SCD (Sanitation and
Containment Division) stands ready to protect the population.
As a precaution, ByoLogyc will be running a FREE Public Health and
Community Wellness Clinic on September 29, at the Church of the
Holy Trinity, in conjunction with Scotiabank Nuit Blanche. By holding
the Clinic at this time, we hope to reach a wide section of the
population and maximize its impact. Visitors to the Clinic will receive
a free ByoRenew 2.0 primer pill, which has been custom designed to
act as an early-stage vaccine against BRX.
For more information, please contact Marie Leclerc, PR Director at
Due to the high volume of inquiries we receive daily, we would like to
provide you with the answers to frequently asked questions:
Should I panic?
Absolutely not. Test results from joint studies by Health Canada and
ByoLogyc indicate that BRX has low-grade symptoms and low
transmissibility. Though symptoms are wide ranging, victims may only
experience personality distortion, blurry vision, a craving for highcalorie
food items, and fatigue.
What is the SCD?
The Sanitation and Containment Division of ByoLogyc is a newly
formed department with the singular mandate of ensuring that the
BRX outbreak is contained, and effects on members of the public are
minimized. ByoLogyc is diverting substantial resources to this
operation. The SCD is headed by Renata Reinger, who has been with
ByoLogyc since 1992. As the former Chief Custodian, her expertise
with chemical and biological containment, as well as superior
knowledge of closed and open environment contaminations are
assets that ByoLogyc wishes to utilize to their fullest potential.
What is EXE?
EXE is an online terrorist organization which disrupted production at
ByoLogyc and is believed to have caused the manufacture and
distribution of the BRX virus, using ByoRenew as a vector. They are
also believed to have repeatedly accessed and disseminated to the
public sensitive materials and documents. Despite sometimes
referring to themselves as ‘ByoLeaks’, they have no association with